Eggmobiles, grass-fed beef and organic veggies: an autumnal visit to Spier Biodynamic Farm

May 13, 2013

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30 or so Slow Fooders visited Spier Biodynamic farm on a beautiful autumn morning. We were greeted by Farmer Angus who gave us some background to the farm as well as the principles of sustainability on which it is run.

Our first stop was the Free Range Hens. And these hens are real free range as all 2500 of them live in specially designed “eggmobiles” and feast on a natural diet of grass, legumes and bugs.  The “eggmobiles” have roosting and nesting spaces inside and allow the hens full access to roam outside. The egg collecting process is quite easy and just as important these ”eggmobiles” can be moved to another part of the pasture to fertilize the soil. Also important to note is that the hens are not debeaked as is the practice with the close to 24 million laying chickens in South Africa.

We had a fun filled morning of walking amongst the hens, going into the “eggmobiles” and helping with the first egg collection of the day.

Our next stop was the Grass Fed Beef. There are currently 8 different breeds on the farm and one of the most important health benefits of Grass Fed Beef is that it is a source of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), a fatty acid which assists in combating cancer, heart disease and inflammation. The beef is processed as mince and unlike most minced beef you purchase, one whole carcass is processed for the beef mince – so that includes cuts like sirloin and rump.

Our final stop of the morning was a walk through the organic vegetable garden which is also run to biodynamic principles.

The morning ended with each of us going home with 6 eggs, personally collected the very same morning, which we collected just that morning (and are by far the best eggs ever tasted) as well as 500g of the tastiest beef mince which I am sure ended up on many plates of spaghetti.

See our photos from the event on our Facebook page.

More about Farmer Angus

Farmer Angus grew up on a cattle ranch in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Studied Management Accounting at Stellenbosch University before stockbroking for Goldman Sachs in London for just over four years. Declined the offer of promotion, left his job and moved to South Africa. Built a clay home with inspiration from various people on the way leading to him become a biodynamic student, grass farmer and carbon sequestrator.

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