Farm Visit and Waterblommetjie Lunch at Lelieblom Farm, Darling

July 30, 2010

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*UPDATE: event fully booked*

Slow Food Mother City is celebrating the last cozy days of winter with a visit to Lelieblom Farm just outside the West Coast town of Darling to sample waterblommetjies, an indigenous winter delicacy.

Waterblommetjies are the flowers of the Cape Hawthorn (Aponogeton distachyos), which grows wild in vleis and on riverbanks in the Cape.

They are historically linked to Afrikaans cuisine, but were probably first consumed by local hunter-gatherers. The buds are used in bredies (stews), soups and curries, and taste a little like green beans. The flowers can be added to salads. This is a true heritage food, and we are thrilled to be eating and learning more about them before their winter season ends.

Lelieblom is a working family farm, owned by Karen and Michael Basson, and shared with sheep, horses and other animals. They welcome visitors for a traditional farm feast in their farmhouse. Karen describes it best in her own words:

“YES!!!!! The waterblommetjies are still growing in August and we do sell.

The waterblommetjies grow in our dams on the farm and they come up every winter and sleep the whole summer and when the rains come again they wake up and fill the dams all by themselves, we don’t do anything to them, they look after themselves! We will gladly take you to tour the dams on the farm, the dams also only have water in winter, and it is great fun wading into the freezing cold water to pick the flowers. My husband is the brave one!

Lelieblom is really a true farm, we have no window dressing here for tourists or visitors, Children are welcome and we have lots of lovely tame hand reared farm animals! They are always a treat for the children.

Lelieblom is what you see is what you get and cooking is home cooking! We do things naturally and somewhat old fashioned. I am a home cook, nothing fancy, as far as possible I cook in the old ways. Waterblommetjies to me calls for a bredie, and I hope that is fine with you!

A menu for you could include the waterblommetjies obviously, curried tripe (delicious!!!!) which I would recommend as it is very traditional round here, served with soetpatat always!, rice, vegetables and dessert. I would really like to do tripe for you…dis lekker! Malva pudding with hot custard is my favourite dessert. We bake our own bread, served from the farm kitchen.

We use our home for functions so the experience is coming to a farm home and sharing the day with a farm family, that is the Lelieblom ethos.”

So join us and the Lelieblom family on Saturday, 21 August. We will walk around the farm for an hour and then sit down to a traditional home-cooked farm meal.

If waterblommetjies are still available, you are welcome to wade in the dam and pick your own, for which Lelieblom will charge you per bag picked. To learn more about Lelieblom, visit

Waterblommetjie Bredie
Curried Tripe
Sweet Potatoes, Rice & Vegetables
Bread from the Farm Kitchen
Malva Pudding with Hot Custard
Tea and Coffee

Space is limited, so to reserve your place, please fill in our online booking form or email


Date, time and venue:

Saturday 21 August
Lelieblom Farm, Darling
11.00am (lunch will be served at 1pm)

R135.00 for Members, R155.00 for Guests. Children 4-12 yrs R65.00 (parents are wholly responsible for their children during the outing).
Please bring your own wine and nonalcoholic beverages; only water and tea and coffee will be supplied by Lelieblom.

Given the popularity of this outing, we suggest you book and pay quickly. We have limited space! If you would like to come, please fill in our online booking form or email

First come, first served (members do get advance warning). If you have not made the deposit within 4 days of booking, and there are others waiting, we will make your space/s available to the next person in line. Please book before the 6th of August 2010.

For the farm tour: appropriate shoes and rain protection (Wellies if you plan to do some wading!)
For your meal: your own wine and nonalcoholic beverages.

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Photo credits: Chapman’s Photo Odyssey/Flickr and BigBlackBox/Flickr.

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