Our Committee


The steering committee of Slow Food Mother City is elected at the annual AGM. The role of the steering committee is to guide and coordinate the convivium. It does not govern by decree, and is answerable to the membership at the general meetings.

Permanent Roles on the Steering Committee: Leader or Co-Leaders, secretary, communications officer, membership officer, treasurer, webmaster.

The Responsibilities of Each Role:

  • The leader or co-leaders liaise with the Slow Food international office, lead general meetings, and generally oversee the activities of the group.
  • The secretary produces agendas and minutes for steering committee and general meeting, and assists with internal administrative work.
  • The membership officer keeps track of memberships, coordinates with the international office regarding membership dues, and assists new members in signing up.
  • The treasurer tracks the income and expenditures of Slow Food Mother City, acts as one of two signing authorities for the Slow Food Mother City bank account, collects receipts for “out-of-pocket” money spent and issues reimbursement, prepares an annual budget for the general meetings, and oversees fundraising activities.
  • The communications officer keeps up to date with the activities of Slow Food Mother City, communicates their activities to other convivia and interested parties, responds to and redirects general queries, and coordinates email communication (events and news) with the membership.
  • The web master must update and monitor the convivium website, and respond to technical queries.

Current committee


Kate Schrire is a sustainable food systems activist and consultant working in Cape Town.  Her current projects include the Slow Food CSA, and coordinating the Farm 2 Fork lunch project for the Sustainability Institute, where sustainable produce from local farmers and artisans is used to make healthy vegetarian meals for students, workshop participants and visitors.

Her involvement in the Slow Food movement in America and Italy inspired her interest in sustainability and food. She has worked for Slow Food Berkeley and interned for Alice Waters, Vice President of Slow Food International. She has also trained as a chef at the South African Chef’s Academy. She served on the committee of our sister convivium, Slow Food Cape Town, before leaving to become a founding member Slow Food Mother City.

Kate is particularly interested in home cooking and preserving, and growing your own food.   Kate is convivium leader.


Dax Villanueva is involved in many different projects but his passion is food and Cape Town. He has a well known blog, www.relax-with-dax.co.za which he has maintained for over 6 years. The blog is all about food and events in Cape Town as well as eco themes. Combining eco and food elements aligns well with the mission of the Slow Food movements and so it seems a natural progression for Dax to become involved in the Slow Food movement. After being a member of the Slow Food Cape Town convivium, Dax helped establish the Mother City convivium and fills the role of treasurer.


Candice spends almost all her waking hours thinking about food in some form. By day she runs a Masters’ course in sustainable agriculture (all aspects from production, distribution and consumption to politics, trade and food security). In her private life, the cooking and enjoying of food are central to all interactions with friends and family. Slow Food offers the perfect space for Candice to explore sustainable food from a personal perspective and she serves as secretary to the committee.


Michelle Matthews loves seafood, fresh pineapple, tiramisu, Cape wines and curry, but her interest in food goes beyond the sensual. Working as a consultant on sustainability issues, she is also interested in food security, urban food gardens and sustainable agriculture. In 2008 she released her book on safe, healthy local foods in and around Cape Town, The Whole Food Almanac.


Our Membership Officer, Liz Metcalfe, was brought up big and strong on home-grown and farm produce in a tiny British village. An Environmental Scientist with an enquiring mind, Liz is interested in the way food makes it to our plates. She is an advocate of the pleasures of eating good, clean and fair food and runs Food Shed, a website connecting consumers to small scale food producers.


Our Web Mistress and Communications Coordinator, Pia Taylor, is a food-market-junkie and wannabe locavore who spent her childhood eating home-grown vegetables, harvesting honey from the comb and milking real live cows. Her love of Slow Food and ‘green’ living led to the creation of Mother City Living (2006), a blog about ‘good, green living in Cape Town’. Like Kate, Pia also served on the committee of Slow Food Cape Town, before leaving to become a founding member of Slow Food Mother City.