The aims for a new convivium in Cape Town were discussed and initially brainstormed at the first steering committee meeting, held 22 September 2009.

They are:
A convivium which organises regular, affordable events, focusing on taste education, relaxed meals and visits to food artisans and producers in the wider Cape Town area.

ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE: The new convivium should be transparently and effectively run by a small committee with 4-6 committee members, elected by its membership, but all members should feel welcome to attend committee meetings, and establish projects and organize events in their capacity as members. To this end, the committee should consider naming itself something less hierarchical, such as the working or planning group.

NATIONAL COOPERATION: The convivium should also unite with other convivia in South Africa, with a long-term aim to forming a regional body (Slow Food South Africa) to promote and coordinate the movement’s principles on a national level. Initial action would include placing all contact and event information on one website, to improve public access and awareness, and so that Slow Food members throughout the country are aware of and feel welcome at Slow Food events in other cities.

CREATING A NETWORK: The convivium should not be limited to monthly events or a traditional organizational structure. Ideally it will act as a network and meeting place for Capetonians, to meet like-minded people, mobilize on Slow Food issues and create their own interest groups and casual gatherings. For example, a Slow Food book club, a monthly beer tasting group, regular group outings to local markets, etc. An active, user-friendly website where members can connect and advertise such events and outings is essential to realizing this concept.

WIDENING MEMBERSHIP AND PUBLIC IMAGE: A key mandate of convivia is to promote public awareness of Slow Food values and the movement. An important aim of this convivium will be to attract new members, especially from demographics that have not been tapped locally, such as young families and students. This convivium will strive to have a vibrant, active and appealing image, and will purposefully market and publicise its events, ethos and membership.